Hello and welcome to our E-Learning page. Here is where you will find future webinars on Polyvagal informed, mind-body approaches to teaching regulated life-long learners. Enjoy the free three-part introduction “We Can Learn to Grow Our Ability to Learn Within Ourselves.”

We Can Learn to Grow Our Ability to Learn, Part I: Meet the Decider ANS (Autonomic Nervous System)

The ability to learn depends on our mind-body state of feeling safe or in danger, according to research.

We Can Learn to Grow our Ability to Learn, Part II: Brain Science and Personal Narratives

Evolution hardwired our Autonomic Nervous System to ensure our survival. In survival states, learning may be hindered and our minds create personal narratives.

We Can Learn To Grow Our Ability To Learn Part III: Resilient Learners

Polyvagal Theory informed relationships and teaching grant access to our ability to be resilient learners and build pathways to our dreams, goals, and ambitions.