The autonomic nervous system is our shadow, you don’t see it but it drives our ability to learn.

Wouldn’t it be nice  to get in touch with  shadowy parts that  limit learning?

Wouldn’t it be nice to collaborate with someone  who is kind, nonjudgmental,  understanding, and fun?

Wouldn’t it be nice if learning differences  are taken as opportunities  to discover and celebrate your  authentic self?

The approach  at Wecanlearn2learn. com takes the “dis” out of  “dis – function”  or “dis-order” and focuses on connection, organizing,  and integration of body-mind-and-emotions into a coherent whole.

Who’s it for?

Young children and adults with learning differences due to

      • ADHD
      • Autism
      • Auditory sensitivity
      • Inattention
      • Social confusion
      • Language delays

Speaking engagements, webinars, experiential trainings for professionals and  caregivers are available.


What to expect

Expect a collaborative journey where the whole individual matters — their body, brain, and emotions.

Integrative  mind-body modalities take place  in- person or virtually on-line.

Sequence of events after initial  email inquiry:

      • Phone consult
      • Intake
      • Goal setting
      • Growth plan
      • Learning journey begins

Choose from 6 languages:
English, German, French, Spanish,  Farsi, and, yes,  learn fluent body language.