We can learn to learn to shift from surviving  to thriving and learning smarter. 

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Good News

Research shows that the neuroplasticity of the brain has a life-long capacity to change with the right support and brain-savvy training. Together we can activate neural pathways to  allow your inner capacity as a learner to flourish.

The earlier you start the better and it is never too late.

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was founded by
Mina Roustayi, Ph.D., MS. Ed, SEP.

Integrative Learning Specialist

My years of teaching children and adults has culminated in my private practice as an integrative learning specialist. Drawing on my international life and professional experiences, my ambition is to teach and to promote the revolutionary advances in neuro- cognitive sciences and mind-body-based strategies to optimize embodied learning outcomes for children and adults.

Qualifications and certifications: 

New York State certified bilingual general and special education teacher

Somatic Experiencing Practitioner 

Somatic Resilience and Regulation,  somatic touch-based training to regulate emotions and build resilience

Transforming Experienced- Based Brain,  reparative and  supportive touch for  early developmental delays and attachment ruptures.

Integrative Learning Systems Associate, certified in Safe and Sound Protocol and Focus Program.

Certification in Interpersonal Neurobiology