Safe & Sound Protocol (SSP)

We learn best when we feel safe and our emotions and our body does not get in the way. While many educators believe that learning it is a matter of willed discipline, research in neuroscience reveals that no matter how sophisticated and advanced we think we are, a mind over matter approach is limited if the fundamental engine of our nervous system has been conditioned by adverse experiences to be in survival mode of fright, fight, freeze, or collapse.

The great news is that there is neuroplasticity, which offers the possibility to change our conditioned patterns of fear and emotional turmoil to ease, allowing learning to take place in non-invasive ways.

What is the Safe & Sound Protocol (SSP)?

The Safe and Sound System (SSP) by Integrated Listening Systems (iLs) is a research-based, non-invasive, non-pathologizing, and nurturing way to tone the Vagus Nerve. It is a cranial nerve that controls our autonomic nervous system below our conscious awareness.

The SSP has different modalities of filtered sound-frequencies to acoustically tone the Vagus
nerve in individuals who have experienced chronic stress, trauma, learning differences, and anxiety of all kinds, including social engagement. The SSP is based on-going decades of peer-reviewed, pioneering research of Dr. Stephen Porges, author of the Polyvagal Theory. It is the application of the Polyvagal Theory to benefit individuals pragmatically.

Provided in-person or remotely over a total of five hours, both treated and untreated sound frequencies of songs or instrumental classical music slowly nourish the nervous system to access greater calm, focus, and well-being.

Seeing the results in children, some parents also request sessions for themselves or other siblings to benefit families as a whole. As a certified SSP facilitator, we weill navigate the right pacing and dosing to suit each individuals progress.

To learn more about the SSP, please watch the video below.