Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP)

Would you like a short-cut to access feelings of ease, enhance learning, and social connection?

Tens of thousands of learners have benefited from boosting their nervous system with the Safe and Sound Protocol to unblock their true learning potential.

Safe & Sound Protocol (SSP) is easy, non-invasive, non-medicated, non-judgmental, and relational. It is delivered compassionately in person or in the comfort of your home on-line.

The SSP evolved over two decades by world-renown scientist Dr. Steve Porges.

According to brain science learning is available if the body-brain feels safe. Fear, threat, and anxiety (survival states) tend to hamper or mask our true IQ, attention, memory, and learning.

The SSP is based on decades of deep science and ongoing data analysis at the Kinsey Institute of Traumatic Stress Research Consortium (KI-TSRC) at Indiana University


What is the Safe & sound protocol (ssp) and how does it work?

The Safe and Sound Protocol stimulates the Vagus Nerve, the longest bundle of nerves in our body and fundamental driver of our emotions, feelings, behavior, memories, and physical sensations — below our consciousness.   Our brain makes meaning of this information based on our past experiences and narratives about our lives.  All of this happens super fast below our awareness.

As biological beings, we are automatically programmed for survival by our stress response and stress hormones. The SSP trains the middle ear muscles with algorithmically filtered music to the frequency range of the human voice. The music alters the way sounds are interpreted, tones the muscles of the middle ear, and improves auditory processing, sound sensitivity, and social engagement.  Learning comes on line through the neural network associated with listening. 

Over time, a total of five hours of special music incrementally shifts our physical and mental state from survival to safety.  You can choose songs or instrumental classical music to nourish and access greater calm, focus, and well-being.

Imagine, just by listening to music and being in connection with an Unyte-iLs trained professional,  we can potentially change our life trajectory from stress to ease, comfort, and composure!